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Small to Large, on-grid, off-grid energy generation for governments of all sizes

Making Solar Power Accessible

Building communities, providing essential services and forging a brighter future the next generation requires a lot of energy. Our on-grid and off-grid solar energy solutions allow local and state government to provide a secure, affordable, renewable energy necessary for development


The Right Solar Solutions

Solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source that—unlike wood and fossil fuels—does not cause deforestation or pollute the environment. Solar panels are affordable, reliable, require little maintenance and have an average lifespan of over 20 years.

GTE provides on-grid and off-grid solar energy engineering, design, and building services.

Solar Powering Your Community & Economy

Demand for energy is continuing to rise, and communities are increasingly looking to renewable sources such as sun and wind to meet that demand with clean, safe, reliable energy. Renewable Energy sources are application in wide ranging sectors, Including:


Solar power for telecommunication networks is another application for solar photovoltaic. The telecommunication towers require a reliable power supply from Diesel Generators in areas where no grid is available and have back up diesel generators where grid is available. Operational Expense of power generator is very high. The best replacement of the diesel back up is the solar power which is clean energy. Many telecom operators around the world have installed solar systems.

Rural Electrification

Stand-alone off-grid PV-systems that cover the electricity needs of rural households, public buildings offer a user-friendly and cost-effective electricity solution. They can replace candles, kerosene and traditional unsustainable biomass. Beside economic and social benefits, off- grid PV systems also have positive impacts on people’s health and on the environment due to the reduction of smoke and toxic waste.

Solar Street Lighting

Off-Grid Solar generation on every Street light combines with the latest efficiency technologies and oversized storage to hold more energy than is required for a day, or even a week, of operation. Off-Grid Street lights are cost effective and liminate trenching, wiring, conduits, circuits and labor costs. Single-discipline installation reduces acute shortage of electricity along public roads.

Offices, Schools, Hospials & More

Energy alone is not sufficient for creating the conditions for economic growth and provide essential services to a community, but it is certainly necessary. It is impossible to operate government offices, schools and hospitals s without using some form of energy. This is particular true in areas in Africa that are far from transmission grids, Off-Grid solar energy solutions is the solution for access to energy to essential institutions.

Comprehensive Energy Source Solutions

GTE provides the most comprehensive portfolio of products, systems, solutions and services along the solar PV value chain that enable the generation, transmission and distribution of solar power for grid-connected and microgrid applications. GTE also offers a range of support and maintenance services, including remote operations and diagnostics, helping ensure solar installations deliver optimal performance.



The compact SMA Utility Power System with its perfectly synchronized components such as the new Sunny Central inverter, medium-voltage block, DC technology, corresponding park control and services sets standards in planning, realization and operation of utility-scale PV power plants.

Why work with Green Technology Ethiopia?

Superior Products & Experienced Team of Professtionals

Consulting & Analysis

We will work to ensure you receive the best possible return on your solar investment. We start the process with an in-person site survey and an initial proposal outlining the details of the project. We’ll help you to determine a plan that works with your needs while reaching your building’s renewable energy potential.

Design & Engineering

For Green Technology Ethiopia no two projects are alike. Each system is specifically designed to meet your needs, and the limitations of your building’s structure and budget. We will design each system to comply zoning restrictions, mounting and location limits, and to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Installation & Construction

We build our systems to last. Our team of experts will carefully install the highest quality solar panels on your array with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations. Green Technology Ethiopia will connect your new system to the power grid, install your monitoring system, and schedule and be present at all inspections.

Maintenance & Monitoring

Continuing customer service. You invested in your system and you want it to work properly. GTE continually monitors your system output to ensure that it is performing at its optimal level. Additionally, Freedom Solar provides each new installation with a web-based application to view your energy savings.


Just send us a contact request! A Green Technology Ethiopia representative will promptly contact you for a personal consultations and gather and analyse your needs and the structural and spatial circumstances. Based on this We will provide you with a quotation for a customised photovoltaic system.


Site Analysis & Research
Project Management
Component Procurement & Analysis
Environmental Analysis
Trends & Best Practices


Green Technology Ethiopia is your full service provide. We plan and install your PV system with our local and international partners using world-class materials and PV components.


Idea Generation
Collaborative Workshops
Rapid Prototyping
Concept Testing
Refine & Iterate


Vision Prototype
Product Roadmap
Project Plan


The installation of the solar system is carried out free of hassle for you to fit smoothly into your daily business. The experts at Green Technology Ethiopia accompany you safely through the entire project. The implementation is carried out professionally and on time.


UX Design
Visual Design
Content Development
Front & Back-End Development
User Testing


Launch-Ready Product
Optimization Plan


You take care of your core business, we take care of the smooth operation of your PV system. With our servicing and maintenance service you are assured of reliable maximum power output and profit from the feed-in tariff over the coming decades


UX Design
Visual Design
Content Development
Front & Back-End Development
User Testing


Launch-Ready Product
Optimization Plan