Green Grun Solar Technology PLC is proud to become authorized distributor of hybrid/off-grid SMA Products in Ethiopia.

We Are Dedicated To Improve Ethiopia’s Green Energy Future!

Renewable energy is revolutionizing the energy market at a time when change is most needed. With its engineering expertise in the production of solar electricity, GTE is contributing to a successful transition to a new energy model that is smarter, more reliable and more economic.

Our quality residential solar panels and components can help control your energy costs.

We offer solar solutions for businesses designed to deliver reliable energy source at reduced costs.

We provide solar power system solutions for communities of all sizes from urban to rural areas.

Our Approach

Our multi-facet approach to renewable energy encompasses all aspects of the development process.

Our energy is sustainable.

And so is our project value chain model.

Our sustainable power solutions examine every aspect of the system – from the environment to the client’s carbon footprint.

Protecting The Plant

And so is our project value chain model.

Our sustainable power solutions examine every aspect of the system – from the environment to the client’s carbon footprint.

Think of rising energy prices.

Mitigate against volatiable and surging energy prices

The unstable nature of energy prices worldwide has led individuals, corporations, and government to look closely into solutions that will reduce their costs… and lower their operational cost.

Attuned to the evolving needs of the market, we are right there – pro-actively providing the solutions. In taking care of all the issues surrounding a sustainable energy installation, Sustainable Power Solutions has developed and refined its project value chain.

Project Value Chain works for you.

Our services comprise the full value chain for turnkey project implementation

Our turnkey approach ensures that our clients maintain control and are informed of the processes at each stage of the project cycle. In this way, clients are able to fully account for the value that is added at each stage by our experienced and dedicated team of professionals.

Advisory Services

Our well-considered advice can make a powerful difference to your project's success.

We evaluate all aspects of a renewable energy project including:

Client Requirements Analysis
Site Identification and Evaluation
Energy Modeling and Pre-feasibility
Engineering Design and Final Feasibility
Detailed design and cost calculations
Regulatory Approval

End-to-End Management

Comprehensive energy project management... from planning to power-on.

Comprehensive management of the development and operation of a renewable energy power system. Including:

Project Implementation Plan
Sourcing and building multi-disciplinary team
Procurement and logistics
Site preparation
Commissioning and Hand-over to Client
Operational tests and performance checks.

Operational Services

Ongoing operational services keep your energy installation performing at peak

Although solar and hybrid energy system require low maintenance through their lifetimes, it is important to monitor systems to maintain optimal energy generation. To this end, GTE continues to offer its clients on-going operational support, including:

Induction and training of on-site staff in basic operations, emergency procedures and safety instructions, cleaning of solar array.
Performance Monitoring and Reporting
Maintenance Support and Inspection Services


Sister Company

Our sister company Green Technology Africa Inc., continues to provide quality design, analytic, and implementation of modern renewable energy projects throughout Africa. In cooperation with GTA, we are proud to leverage years of experise to deploy off-grid energy solutions to small and large clients.


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